Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Relay for Life Salinas - FINANCIAL SCAM???

Since 1998 the American Cancer Society (Relay For Life) Salinas, California has been among the top fundraisers in the USA. Each year local residents and Corporations donate more than $1 million to help fight cancer. With a population base of 200,000 people Salinas residents have continued to raises more money than Cities like (San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago) with a population base in the millions.

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Agriculture and local companies tied to agriculture is the answer.

Pancreatic, Bone, Brain, blood, Skin and other forms of cancer in the Salinas Valley continue to rise as a result of cancer causing, carcinogenic based compounds which are sprayed in the Salinas Valley everyday. It is so bad that some schools are now requiring children to drink bottled water as a result of the water supplies being poisoned with pesticides. Pesticides are found in the food, air and water, yet the American Cancer Society has refused to fund cancer research in Monterey County.


The American cancer Society does not fund cancer research in Monterey County nor do they provide grants for treatment and care. If you, your family or friends need financial help or treatment (American cancer Society) will not help.


With six paid directors and no paid services in the Salinas Valley you can see where a large portion of YOUR DONATIONS might go! In addition to Director Salaries, track rental, print, radio and television advertising, insurance, tents, balloons, entertainment, cleanup crews, set up crews, toilet services, massage services, luminaries ETC. These costs add up quickly and still you ask where does the money go???

Maybe you should be asking your American Cancer Society how much $$ actually goes to research if no grants are provided and event costs are so high?

Do the math!! If you don’t like the answer you find then go on "financial strike" until your ACS keeps some of the money local to provide services that are listed in the mission statement.

Natividad (Monterey County Hospital) has been plagued with financial problems since the beginning. Most care recipients at natividad are agriculture workers who need care as a result of pesticide related illness or disease. Agriculture and related industries continue with low labor rates and almost no medical insurance to employees who are exposed to cancer causing compounds everyday while local tax payers continue to pay the medical costs.

We Need Cancer Research In Monterey County Now... We Need clean air, Water And Food. We Need Healthy Children And Families Not Deception or an Event Called A "Community Celebration" That Provides Nothing To Celebrate But Large Salaries To (American Cancer Society) Relay For Life Staff.

If you are concerned with the health, welfare and long-term stability of your friends and family I urge you to discontinue funding of the American Cancer Society and the Relay For Life event until the money benefits the community instead of more money going to ACS Administrative costs and salaries.